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Designn was founded in 2011. Spotting a necessity in the digital world, Designn set out to help people express their creativity through their work, projects and businesses. From this beginning, in a single country with a handful of supporters, we have come to become an international project with support from every corner of the globe.
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"We pride ourselves in diversity. That's the key to success with the community."
Udara Jay. Founder
Our Mission
Our Mission is to Educate About, Inform About and Spread Creativity Worldwide.
Designn is a hub for all things creative. We work on creating beautiful things, helping people express their creativity and reap the benefits of creativity in their work and life. Founded initially as an art & design magazine, over the years we have come a long way, refocusing and refining our goals to just one — Helping solve global issues with creativity.

Everything is designed. But not everything is designed well. We believe that nurturing creativity will help us design better, whether it’s the next medical breakthrough or a new flying machine – the better it’s designed the better it performs. We hope to achieve our goals by helping people nurture their creativity.
Creating is a distinctly human trait. It needs to be nurtured, guarded, protected, and shared, not squandered or abused.